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The Good Old Fashioned

The Good Old Fashioned is a series about my quest as a former bartender to find mixologists throughout Las Vegas who do more than just make drinks, they keep the art of cocktails alive. The Old Fashioned is a simple cocktail consisting of whiskey, rye, or scotch on request, poured over a muddled sugar cube and 2-3 dashes of bitters, garnished with cherry and orange rind. When the ingredients are mixed in perfect balance, no finer tasting cocktail exists. But when a bartender has no idea what he or she is doing or merely dumps the ingredients in a glass, it becomes an undrinkable disaster where your only satisfaction will be seeing it spill into the sink.

The Good Old Fashioned: Kelly Matso, Brio

Brio isn’t just a great place for excellent Italian food.

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The Good Old Fashioned: Kyle Mahan, Panevino

Panevino keeps the classic cocktail alive and interesting.

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