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Chop into Axe Throwing at Axe Monkeys Las Vegas, Now Open

March 9, 2017

Photo from Yelp

Hurling a sharp axe at a hanging tree trunk… Sounds dangerous. Sounds a little terrifying. And I want to do it again!

Axe Monkeys Las Vegas opened last month and celebrated with a grand opening last night. Set up almost like a gun range, Axe Monkeys’ lanes are only ten feet long and encircled with chain link fences. The target is a two foot section of solid pine tree trunk, hung about six feet off the ground and painted with red circles.

The objective is to hurl an axe at the trunk hard enough and accurately enough to make it flip once and chop into the wood. When you’re successful, the feeling is amazing! And there’s no mistaking the satisfying sound of your axe sinking into a hunk of trunk.

Professional and highly encouraging trainers are on hand to show the basics of various throwing styles. My trainer, Brian, demonstrates both the two handed overhead throw and a one handed throw technique in the video below. With his patience and instruction I was able to nearly bullseye a target on my second two handed throw.

For relatively not much money at all you and your family (including kids 7 and up) can rent one of 47 lanes for an hour ($20 per kid — $25 per adult) or two ($40 per adult), an axe if you need one, and gear up with lumberjack hats and souvenir shirts. They’re open from 10am to 2am seven days a week. Transport for groups coming from the Strip can be arranged, and the management is working on establishing a discount with Uber.

Now then, are you gonna throw that axe? Because I certainly will!

Axe Monkeys Las Vegas
3525 E. Post Rd.

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