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Eight Fall Fashion Trends

September 25, 2013

Winter is coming; the cold comes slower in Vegas than anywhere else, yes, but it is surely coming. Until then, here are the trends that will be prevalent in menswear throughout the fall. Perhaps it’s time to raid grandpa’s closet?

Wool Overcoats.

wool-overcoatHip length overcoats are the bomb, this fall. Here’s a great selection from Nordstrom; go get one and unleash your inner James Franco!

Tweed Sportscoats.

tweed-sportcoatPairing with the wool overcoat trend, patterned blazers are hot for fall. With elbow patches, and all. That’s right; your college professor is cool again. Here (pictured above) is a plaid patterned blazer at EXPRESS for $228.

Windowpane Suits.

windowpane-suitRepopularized on Mad Men in recent years, the windowpane suit is a must-have for every man’s closet. Here’s a version at Suitsupply that matches the current pattern and tweed trends, but you’ll be even better off if you can find a three-piece version with a vest.

Crewneck Sweatshirts over Plaid.

crewneck-sweatshirt-over-plFor the last month or so I’ve been wincing as new lines of dress shirts have come out: all plaid! Ugh. Wearing one of these eyesores on its own is just asking for laughs; but then I saw them styled under solid crewneck sweaters and thought, “Aha!” So now it’s okay. Pictured above is the look, and the crewneck at EXPRESS is one of the more reasonable buys for $69.90.

Cable Sweaters.

cable-sweaterFall lookbooks have these with both jeans for casual looks, as well as worn under plaid suits, so invest in a bulky sweater for a manly look. This extremely sophisticated sweater with shoulder buttons runs $149 at Suitsupply.

Watches with Brown Leather Straps.

brown-leather-strap-watchAgain, Nordstrom is ready with a whole page of ‘em, viewable here. Or you can get the Madision Chronograph Watch (above) at EXPRESS for $149.

Cuffed Jeans/Pants with Oxfords. And Awesome Socks.

cuffedJudging by just about every style source, you’ll want to invest in better socks because you’ll be cuffing your pants. Men at all levels are cuffing both jeans and dress pants to show off their socks, and the trend is spreading westward. The look proves stylish with either boats shoes or Oxfords, and most of us will be wearing the latter throughout the coming months. The look is trending with business casual and formal styles as well, but with a tailor’s touch; get your pants hemmed with cuffs and pressed for the proper look, as seen at, GQ and other common style docks.

Oxford Style Dress Boots.

oxford-bootThe main reason to embrace the trend above is to show off a classy oxford ankle boot, such as the one shown above. The Hawkings McGill Leather Wingtip Boot at Urban Outfitters ($89) is one of the more exquisite examples and is one of the best bargains you’ll find.

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