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Express Reopens at Fashion Show

May 31, 2013

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Dozens of affordable, stylish, slim-fitting suits

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Easy-to-match styles, with plenty of inspiration everywhere.

Las Vegas and Fashion Show Mall have been honored with a newly remodeled Express store, featuring a marvelous two-story “cityscape” display window unique to our city. Featuring over 15,000 square feet stacked with moderately priced and easy-to-match merchandise, Express at Fashion Show now delivers a uniquely modern shopping experience. The redesigned location is located on the second level above the Yellow Parking. The new Express serves not only as another “attraction” to our visitors, but also another extravagant shopping experience to be enjoyed by local residents at leisure.

Photography by Ms. Laura Coronado of Lollie Shopping


I was treated to a tour of the store, hosted by Express’s Vice President of Creative, Mr. Jay Borman. He explained that after the company’s separation from Limited Brands, Inc. five years ago, Express is reinvigorated, redefining its own brand and returning to its roots. Their design studio is located in New York City, and the store’s new two-story display window takes its inspiration from the Big Apple’s skyline. The multi-leveled square pedestals were modeled prior to construction by stacking Legos to achieve the best perceivable height from a wide angle to either side of the store.


The cityscape window connects to the main store via a short corridor, making it worthwhile to browse both areas for the latest styles. The main store floor is a “Runway Store” design: mannequins standing on raised center beams above the merchandising tables appear to be walking a runway. These still models don excellently matched outfits, making for easy reference in picking out an entire outfit or even a full wardrobe in short order.

The men’s department is arranged to the right and the women’s to the left as you enter through the main storefront, just a few yards down from the cityscape entry. Thus, the store is kind of a fun place to take a date, split up, and then regroup at the registers in the back to share your finds. Formal wear and suits are closest to the entrance, and Express’s stylishly patterned blazers are hard to pass up on your way inward. The styles become more casual and feature a full stock of solid-color basics as well. Then you must proceed through a small room that is floor-to-ceiling with denim before arriving at the registers, which are surrounded with hundreds of fascinating accessories.


Mr. Borman escorted us to the ladies’ side of the denim area, where he pointed out a touch-screen browser set into the wall. Users can browse dozens of pictures of models wearing the various jean styles, all of which should help reduce fitting room time considerably. The touchscreen menu divides women from men as the store does, and the men’s demonstration contains useful info about fits and construction. When shopping Express styles, men must be aware of the two main fits: “Producer” styles are modern cut, while “Photographer” clothes are fitted.

Mr. Jay Borman demonstrates touchscreen display panels in Express's denim section.

Mr. Jay Borman demonstrates touchscreen display panels in Express’s denim section.

When planning your trip to Express at Fashion Show, schedule plenty of time; setting aside two or more hours is well worthwhile. The merchandise stock is one of the fullest in the country, as the Fashion Show location is within the top 20% in terms of size, among Express stores.

The Fashion Show store bears a core representation of our entire line, as well as our design esthetics.
Jay Borman, Vice President of Creative, Express

After our tour, we were treated to a complimentary shopping experience. I’d spotted so many stylish shirts, suits and pants during the tour that I was unable to settle on just a few within the time allotted us, which was a mere twenty minutes. Like I said; plan to stay a few hours. Unable to sort out my various wants I chose what I saw as the most exquisite men’s accessory in the store, the Analog Bracelet Watch (reg. $148.00). I returned at a later date to expand my summer wardrobe with a casual t-shirt and paisley shorts combo, and I plan to visit this amazing store again, very soon. This distinguished Windowpane Suit for example, has my name on it.

Following our tour and shopping gratis, we moved to the promenade of Fashion Show, which transforms into a runway stage at scheduled times. Elegant young models displayed a variety of stylish looks that are urban, chic, not-too-young, and also casual and hip. You may peruse the most attractive men’s styles that were on display in the gallery below:

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