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Five Tips for Dressing Cool in the Heat

June 10, 2013

Las Vegas was under extreme heat warnings all last week as temperatures shot up to near 110° for three days straight. Time for Las Vegas men to consume more water and dress appropriately for three hard months of summer.

No big deal, you say. Just wear shorts and a t-shirt, right? For pool lounging or sitting around the house, that’s fine. But in public places, Las Vegas men must distinguish themselves from our city’s guests. Also, what about the office, business events, or important meetings?

Follow these tips to picking items to wear during the summer, whether you’re raiding your closet or picking new duds at our local stores:

  1. Stick to cotton, linen, very light wool or natural fabrics that breathe; no polyester, silk or stretch materials.
  2. Avoid dark colors, they absorb sunlight. Wear bright or white colored clothing to reflect heat.
  3. Wear shirts that are loose under the arms and across the back to allow airflow and avoid sweat spots.
  4. In direct sunlight, long sleeves and pants will keep you cooler than shorts and a t-shirt. If you know you’ll be in direct sunlight for more than ten minutes, wear sunscreen.
  5. Buy your summer clothes during the summer. Stores carry items made of lighter fabrics in summer to appeal to customers suffering from heat exhaustion while shopping. If the item is heavy on the hangar it is likely to contain more of your body heat, so put it back. You must weigh the clothes in hand and in the dressing room before you buy, so avoid shopping online and head to your local stores.

Summer Suggestions

Chambray is in this summer. My pick is the Selvedge Chambray Shirt, available at J.Crew in Regular or Slim cut, ($98).

Gingham is also in, and I recommend the Ging Crosby Slim at Bonobos, in navy or purple ($78).

The colored pants trend is going to continue, and H&M sells some of the most stylish and affordable in a variety of colors. Try on their linen ($34.95) or light cotton pants ($29.95).


In the evenings, try a natural fiber cashmere sweater from JoS. A. Bank.

For the boardroom, avoid wool suits and wear cotton or linen instead. For example, here is an elegant and current Hugo BOSS Linen suit, ($795 $597). Or how about this Navy Slim Fit Cotton suit ($845 $508). Along these lines, also look for coordinating linen ties.


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