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Jealousy is Good… For Your Face

June 7, 2013


One evening my wife of twenty years, Ms. Laura Coronado, sometimes known by her fashion blog’s name, Lollie Shopping, returned home from a fashion event with several bottles of Billy Jealousy facial products “for men.” Scoffing, I joked that if she was trying to drop me hints, she could at least be subtle. But she elaborated to say that our friend, Christie Moeller, had suggested I use them. Christie is the stylist of local and national publications and print and television advertising campaigns, including publications such as GQ, Maxim and FHM. Her own husband, Aaron, uses them religiously. So I proceeded to pull my foot out of my mouth and went to the bathroom and tried them. I’ve been using them ever since, for well over a year.

The affordable products that I use 2-3 nights a week include the Liquidsand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser (8 Oz.), the Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser (8 Oz.), and the Combination Code Face Moisturizer (3 Oz). Use these only at night, as they abrade the skin to a good degree. Plan to go nowhere after using them but to bed, for a good night’s sleep.

I use them in the order listed above, starting with the exfoliating agent. Using just my fingertips on my wet face, I scrub the sandy liquid into my cheeks and t-zone, otherwise known as the nose and eyebrows. The area between my brows can get particularly dry in the desert climate, and scraping away the layers of dead skins is important so that they don’t flake up, later. The Liquidsand includes alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which is good for reducing redness, rosacea, tiny bumps, and other skin problems I started developing with age.

I rinse my face, but don’t bother drying; the sand is almost impossible to get off with water alone. I then squeeze the White Knight daily cleanser onto my fingers, lather it up, and cover my entire face and below my chin with suds. Then I submerge my face into what is by then a sink full of lukewarm water, and wash it thoroughly until I’m convinced the suds have diluted away.

After drying my face, I apply the Combination Code and leave it on. This moisturizer is very light and fluid, and may tend to pour out a little fast if you’re not used to it. A little dab will do you, so I carefully pour a quarter-size amount on my fingers and rub it into my skin with just the tips. Again, I focus on my cheeks and the t-zone. The combination of Green Tea and Aloe Vera tightens the skin and closes the pores, leaving you feeling like you’re wearing an invisible mask.

I also use the Sucker Punch Face Scrub (3.5 Oz.), but only every once a week or more. This mask basically consists of mud and black sand, and using it affects your skin like scraping your face with a windshield wiper; it is the ultimate face scrub. However, the sensation is not as unpleasant as my description makes it sound. While Sucker Punch is too harsh for frequent use it is a reliable means of removing all particles and dead cells from the face, and you’ll feel fresher than ever, after.

Billy Jealousy products are available through Nordstrom’s website, or through the Billy Jealousy site (where they feature “industrial” sizes), or through Grooming Lounge. They range in price from $18 – $24, which is very reasonable in the market.

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  1. Christie Moeller

    Love it! I’m totally Jealous lol.

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