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Palm Springs is the Las Vegas Man’s Getaway

June 14, 2013

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While it is true that we residents live in and also play in Las Vegas, many who do not have a hard time believing that when we go on vacation we would want to go someplace “less exciting.” Why would a man who lives in the city with everything vacation anywhere else? The truth is that peaceful Palm Springs offers the perfect alternative to the fast-paced, bustling Vegas vacation, or what we who live here simply call “life.”

Similar Climates

Anyone who lives in Las Vegas for more than a few years naturally becomes acclimated to our harsh, dry environment. Flying to someplace more humid like Los Angeles or Seattle is, for a long time Vegas resident, like stepping off a plane straight into a sauna. The body’s ability to re-acclimate to wetter regions varies from person to person, so that a desert dweller may in fact never feel comfortable anywhere else. Since Palm Springs is also located in a desert area, the Las Vegas man does not spend half his vacation suffering from humidity.

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Similar Layout

Those traveling to Las Vegas by car have little trouble navigating directly to The Strip or downtown, both of which are located beside our main highway, the I-15. But even our visitors who venture into our neighborhoods have little trouble maintaining their bearings, since Las Vegas is a city built “on a grid.” All of our major streets travel east to west or north to south, making travel around town accessible to our guests. Asking a local for directions is easy, since all one must do is be conscious of the main roads in order to explain that a location is “at Main and Charleston” or “at The Strip and Flamingo.”

Upon arriving in Palm Springs via the CA-111, the vacationer drives directly onto North Palm Canyon, and after a few more blocks finds him or herself in the heart of the “tourist area,” wherein are located the majority of hotels and restaurants. Extending from Vista Chino to the north all the way down to East Ramon Road, Palm Springs is — for the majority — also laid out in a simple grid. Aside from day-trips to the more remote resorts or golf courses, or to the Aerial Tramway, getting around is easy.

More Laid Back

The similarities between our two tourist destination ends in the overall “vibes” of both places. Las Vegas is a larger city than Palm Springs, with both a higher local population as well as farther spread. This means Vegas suffers far more traffic problems than Palm Springs, even though our city is built to handle them. Fewer people, less spread, and less traffic within Palm Springs help maintain the idea that it is a place of peaceful relaxation: a “getaway” in the truest sense of the word.

The focus of the Palm Springs experience is on relaxing, enjoying a beverage poolside, spending a day at the spa, shopping at vintage stores and unique boutiques, and eating at great restaurants; all of which are things you can do quite well in Vegas. However, the difference is that there are fewer people around. This makes Palm Springs an ideal getaway for Vegas couples looking to reconnect, in a romantic locale with fewer distractions.

A Short Drive

Palm Springs is easy for Las Vegas residents to drive to in a single afternoon. Provided you plan to drive out on a reasonable day, such as a weekday, at a reasonable time, such as not rush hour, you should have no problem driving from Vegas to Palm Springs in just over 4 hours. The route is easily navigable as well, since you take the I-15 all the way to the outskirts of LA, then drive a short way down the I-215 to connect with the I-10, and then follow CA-111 into Palm Springs. Alternatively, you can drive a slower and less hectic route through the Mojave National Preserve and Yucca Valley by taking the Nipton Road exit just past Barstow. The distance and travel time are the same, but the alternate route does pass through some quaint locations worth a brief stop. With decent gas mileage, your vehicle should make the trip on a little more than half a tank of gas. Either way, the Palm Springs getaway is cheaper for a Las Vegas man than paying airfare to San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, New York, or anywhere else.


Unique Shopping For Men

Palm Springs features vintage stores too numerous to count with more finds than can be listed or viewed in a single post. However, one stop I recommend for every guy is Mr Turk at 891 N. Palm Canyon Drive, connected to the Trina Turk Store. This boutique is unique to Palm Springs and features some menswear you cannot get anywhere else, except online. But nothing beats the shopping experience of actually visiting Mr Turk, and your lady friend will appreciate have the opportunity to shop the other side of the store.




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