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There’s ONLY Ten Weeks Until Las Vegas Pool Season

January 8, 2015

While most resort and hotel pools on the Las Vegas Strip remain open year round, the attendance doesn’t really pick up until mid-March. That’s usually when our warm weather stabilizes, and many properties host “grand opening” parties to draw the crowds. Vegas pool season is less than ten weeks away!

Men of Las Vegas, this is your wake-up call, fair warning, and all the incentive you should need to start a training plan today. Initiate the process with a bit of mirror-time, come up an honest evaluation of your post-Holidays body state, and decide whether you need to lose weight, tone up, add muscle, or all three. Then, DO IT. After all, you don’t want to be the one dork at the pool that didn’t stick to a fitness goal and would feel better swimming in a white t-shirt (which is obvious).

In my own evaluation I’ve determined that although I certainly haven’t porked out, I have certainly acquired a ¾ inch layer of fat over my abs that needs to vanish. I am also not able to lift as much weight safely as I could at one time, as evidenced by my recent struggles as well as muscle injuries that occurred all too easily.

The most important part of this process is to find a 10-12 week plan you can stick to, and see it through to the end. Based on my past record of being able to complete various programs by myself, I’ve opted to follow an intermediate program over at I completed trainer Lee Labrada’s same program two years ago and received a lot of compliments on my results and progress. Although the workouts start off pretty easy (however, I’ve completed the first few and I’m already sore as hell, it’s obvious that I have some ground to regain!) the daily workouts gradually ramp up in intensity.

Another reason I like this program is that the exercises don’t require all that much equipment: a bench, a bar, some weights, and some dumbbells should run well under $400. The program also calls for an elliptical or exercise bike, and a decent one of these should run you another $500. I’ve chosen to build up a home gym over the years to not strengthen my resolve to work out every day, but also to save long term costs and avoid “throwing money away” on missed gym days.

Perhaps picking an online program and trying to stick to it every day doesn’t work for you. Or maybe financing your own gym equipment is an issue. Then go ahead and do the opposite of what I would do: join a gym that is located either down the street from your house or on your route home from work. This strategy leaves you less likely to skip days. Many Vegas athletic clubs are having New Year’s Resolution deals that should get you signed up for less than $20-50/month. Plus, socializing with other would-be transformation-ists can be motivating (as long as you’re keeping the chatter short and relevant, and the exercise frequency steady). For even more support, schedule some hours with an on-site personal trainer. Doing so will force you to show up on time and you’ll likely receive some much-needed positive reinforcement and feedback.

Regardless of objective, you will need to cut alcohol consumption almost entirely (because it slows the metabolism and halts fat-burning) and say goodbye to fun stuff like sugar, cheese, flour pasta, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. The best advice I can give you is to clean out your fridge and toss these items in the garbage, since they’ll be expired in ten weeks anyway and you really need the discipline. Refill your empty icebox with plenty of greens, vegetables, boneless skinless chicken breasts, salmon steaks and ahi tuna. Stock your pantry with multigrain breads, oats, musceli, and instant brown rice. Leave yourself nothing to eat but the healthiest, and you’ll have fewer problems sticking to your plan. Also bone up on supplements, and start taking a daily multivitamin, fish oil or omega 3 supplements, and consume several extra protein shakes a day. Believe me when I say that a proper, nutritious diet is about 75% of attaining body tone; the rest is dependent on doing some kind of demanding activity every day to ramp up your metabolism to fat-burning levels.

I wish you good luck, good discipline, plenty of sleep, and a great fitness season!

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