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Tipping in Vegas, Part II

June 26, 2013

The first article of this series instructed you on how to tip adequately for good service in Las Vegas. We guided you from the airport all the way up to your hotel room. Now it’s time to hit the casino floor and introduce you to the various service people you might encounter that deserve to be tipped, and how much.


Encore Concierge

The Concierge Desk at Encore

While checking in, your desk clerk will ask if you require show tickets, restaurant reservations, nightclub passes, tour bus info, shuttle arrangements, spa check-ins, stylist appointments or various other special services. Such being the case, they will refer you to the Concierges’ desk. If you inquired about such services prior to your arrival, you may have already been in touch with a Concierge. These personnel specialize in arranging whatever guests need to have a good time. In exchange, leave them a tip of anywhere from $10 – $40, depending on the number of services arranged.

Floor Cashier/Change Person/Slot Supervisor

They go by different names at different casinos, but when you need change, have a machine problem or hit a jackpot, they are there to assist. Graciously slip floor people a dollar or two for stopping to hand over money, regardless of circumstances. For administrating large payouts it is wise to tip in the neighborhood of 5% – 10% of the jackpot total.


Tropicana Poker Room (

Tropicana Poker Room (

Whether you’re playing Blackjack or Craps is immaterial; sitting at a table with a human dealer for any length of time calls for a gratuity for services rendered. Whether you win or not is also immaterial, as the dealer is providing an entertainment experience above all. Tipping a dealer is normally handled in one of two ways; by tossing them a buck or two for each hand, or by tipping them a larger amount at the end of your gambling (regardless of winning or losing). As with a Floor Cashier/Change Person, it is wise to hand over 5% – 10% of either your winnings or the amount of money played to show appreciation for the experience.

Keno/Bingo Runners

While approaching a Keno/Bingo counter is normal practice and not tip-worthy, remaining seated and allowing a runner to bring you more cards calls for appreciation. Typical of this low stakes game is a $1 – $2 gratuity every round or every few rounds, to be dispersed even if you do not win.

Cocktail Waitresses

While seated at most slot machines and tables in a casino your drinks will be complimentary and delivered by a cocktail waitress. This doesn’t mean that her services also come gratis. If you want your cocktail server to return quickly with your drink, try tipping $1 up front. Upon delivery of your order tipping an additional $2 – $5 per round should be sufficient for her bringing 2 or 3 drinks.

Cigarette Girls

Cigarette Girls usually only visit the High Rollers’ area, but they don’t mind if you stop them on the floor or at a table. After walking the floor all day carrying a heavy wooden tray, don’t you think these attractive ladies deserve a little something for the effort? Tipping them $1 per pack or cigar purchased should be sufficient, especially if you want her to come back again.

In our final installment, we’ll introduce you to the people who work the pool and cabana areas as well as the nightclubs. Then finally, it will be time to check out.

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